The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time

The Legend Continues

When the Party left Lon Lon Ranch after much distress , the Party finally made their way to Hyrule Castle Town , the Capital of Hyrule .There , Foun found out that sinister forces are beginning to come into play in the Kingdom , as he rescued a Women from some Serious Cabal .

Leaf Snuck into the Castle , Posing as some Noble Child for the Forest Noble House . He although tricking the Guards , was unable to trick everyone . He attempted to lie to a very old noble woman who knew he was a Kokiri Despite the fact that Eternity was not with him at the time . She explained that she would give Leaf the Audience with Princess Zelda he sought , as-long as he gave her some time to Study a Kokiri outside of the Forest .

Within the Castle , Zelda gave the Party another Quest , replacing the minor one that the Great Deku Tree had given them . Zelda had foreseen the Destruction of Hyrule , and King Ganondorf was behind it all . His Evil intentions would ruin everything just and good in the Kingdom and she entrusted the Party and herself with saving All of Hyrule from this Evil King . She Gave the Party the knowledge of the Creation of Hyrule – A secret Past down from the Royal Family-

Impa , Zelda’s Bodyguard and Nanny , gave the Party the Magical Royal Song also known as Zelda’s Lullaby so that they would have proof of who they were , their personal connection to the Royal Family . Impa gave them some Idea where to find the Spiritual Stone of Fire , which would be needed in the Saving of Hyrule . The Stone would be Found with the Gorons on Death Mountain . She also instructed The Party to go through the Faerie Realm , because Ganondorf and his Minions was possibly planning to murder any help the Princess Could Muster .

Traveling through the Faerie realm , they came upon a corrupted Faerie Fountain . With corrupted monsters and evil minions did they fight , to reach the Great Fairy , Chained and Supplicated under the Power of an Apprenticed Wizzrobe – Nafrini , who coincidentally Vurin met within Lon Lon Ranch and romanced . The Party reluctantly convinced Nafrini to give up her service to the Evil King Ganondorf , and into the Protection and Indentured servitude of the Great Fairy that was saved .

The Great Fairy , who was very pleased about being saved and not drained of all her magic , filled the request of each party member .

Eternity requested to be able to change into a hylain . Foun asked for more Power . Leaf asked for the Power and Magic of Fire . Vurin asked for the life of Nafrini to be saved . Ori and Do-Dore were pleased to be in the presence of the Great Fairy and Do-Dore asked the Great Fairy to take care of his Tree Pet , which Do-Dore knew he couldn’t drag all across Hyrule on his epic Quest to save all the Land .

The Great Fairy In return for these requests ,asked for several sacrifices in return , and also for the Party to travel to all the other Great Fairy Fountains and to make sure that Ganondorf was not trying to kill them off either .

The Great Fairy Also requested that the Portal Connecting Her Fountain with her Sister’s Fountain be destroyed . With this Request Fulfilled , the Party now finds themselves on Death Mountain . Death Mountain however , is suffering under some kind of Famine , propelled by the Vile Magics of Ganondorf who is determined to Control all of Hyrule and Destroy everyone blocking his chosen path . The Gorons lay dying and soon they shall all perish if nothing can be done with this widespread famine upon Death Mountain .



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