Youthful Hylian Adventurer


Level: 4 Hit points: 36 Hit die: d10 Hp

Armor Class-20 Fortitude: +7
Touch-15 Reflex +8
Flat-footed: 17 Will +3
Initiative +3

Speed 20

Base Attack Bonus: +4
Weapon: Cursed Sword
Total Attack Bonus: +9

Armor: Wild Wood Breast Plate +4 AC Bonus

Shield: Light Steel Shield +1 AC Bonus

Feats and Special Abilities

Lightning Reflexes
Quick Draw
Weapon Focus Longsword
Toughness, +3 Hp
Low-light Vision (Racial)
+1 Luck Bonus (Racial)
+2 bonus to Listen and Spot checks (Racial)
Simple Weapon Proficiency (class)
Martial Weapon Proficiency (Class)
Shield Proficiency (class)
Light Armor Proficiency (Class)
Medium Armor Proficiency(Class)
Heavy Armor Proficiency (Class)


A newcomer to the party, Vurin met up with the others while they were resting on the road to Hyrule Town.Vurin began adventuring with the party after his Master told him it was time to strike out on his own.

At first glance, Vurin looks like a human male, but the pointed tips of his ears shows that he is actually a Hylian. He stands at an even 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs a solid 160 pounds. His unruly mid-length hair is a dark obsidian, and his eyes are bright blue. Underneath his armor, he normally wears a soft black tunic, cut to the waist, and tan leggings. He carries at his waist, the handle of a sword without a blade, and a light steel shield rests on his back.

Vurin was abandoned at the early age of three, and taken in by the wandering swordsman, Zankin, who took pity on the child, and has been raised on the road for almost his entire life.
He is an extremely capable combatant, proficient in fighting with both long swords and great swords.

Normally Vurin is very quiet,but is always kind and polite to strangers. His recent adventures with his new companions has led him to be more open, and at times, really sarcastic.
Despite his quiet disposition,he has an insatiable appetite for adventure and loves to travel the world acquiring treasure.

Women flock to Vurin due to his good looks and kindness, which he doesn’t mind at all.

Vurin , while walking to meet up with the rest of the party in Goron City, was intercepted by the most mysterious Mericclina, who told him that the party and the princess agreed to have him go on a quest with her for the betterment of the whole mission and battle against the forces of evil.


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