Kokiri Wizzrobe ; Acolyte of Farore


Do-Dore is somewhat Aragant and Self-Righteous . He has been Taught by the Forest and Spirit Wizzrobes of the Kokiri Forest Temple , where most Kokiri are trained in The Magic that will sustain the Forest through magic. He Prides himself in the Forest and Spirit Magic . Because , Those Aspects are attributed to Farore the Goddess in which some Kokiri find solice . Do-Dore is a born healer , and dislikes killing or hurting people with magic . Do-Dore will even avoid killing with magic . He also is some-what predijuce of the Other Magic Aspects and Calls them Lesser .

Do-Dore is an average Height Kokiri with the Average Wieght of one as-well. He wears flowing Green Robes with the Pattern of the Forest upon them , as-well as the Tri-Force because , he uses the magic radiated from the Tri-Force to cast his spells and use their powers .

Character Traits :


-Ignorant of the World Outside of Kokiri Forest

-Aragant when it comes to magickal Subjects or Educated subjects .

- Thinks Forest and Spirit Magic are the Best Magic and Using the Other Aspects of Magic are either Wrong or Lesser Compared to The Aspects of Forest or Spirit. This is seen in the way he introduces Ori as a Fortune Teller . (The Resident Light Wizzrobe .)

Character Flaws :

Do-Dore is Unreactive an Non-Combatant . This ties in with the fact that Do-Dore is mostly a peaceful person and he regrets hurting anyone with magic ,something he thinks it is morally wrong to do against Humanoids . Except when his life actually Depends on it .

Contacts / Friends :

Foun – Resident Goron Fire Wizzrobe Leaf – Resident Kokiri Performer Ori – Fairy Companion/Resident Light Wizzrobe Eternity – Resident Fairy Artisan .

Enemies :

Dub – Because he Tried to Rape Do-Dore (Don’t Worry , Leaf and Foun took care of him !)

The King of the Black Desert – For Killing the Great Deku Tree .


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