Goron Wizzrobe : Old Goron and Exile of Death Mountain


Foun’s Character Sheet

Note that the picture is not very good, it’s not accurate at all really, but at least it shows a Goron rather than a head… so, when our resident artist gets around to making the rest of this party, I’ll have a better picture.


Foun is, at first glance, very much like a boulder, but when one looks at him closely, they can clearly tell that he is a large goron. Foun stands taller than mostly all the races of Hyrule, he also has a stomach to match any greedy king, having eaten marble almost his entire life. Foun is often found eating stones of various descript throughout the adventure. Among gorons, his stature is matched only by Biggoron.

He is generally a more vocal type, he believes that everyone should listen to him as he is oldest and most experienced. He, like many gorons feels the great desire for peace, but his age and experience has led him to realise that the only way to obtain peace is to destroy all that exists and rebuild as one, he calls this idea the purge by Din’s holy flame that will lead to paradise, an idea that has made very unpopular with many of the gorons except for his close friends and a few radical groups which he does not wish to be associated with.

Foun is a very able goron that is rather non-materialistic, he doesn’t wear clothes and dosen’t seek treasure, rather, Foun quests so that he may become the most powerful of Wizzrobes and accomplish his goals, already his powers manifest.

Foun has a belief that power is the strongest part of the triforce as it can purge clean the world with little resistance.

Fire is the favoured aspect to Foun as he sees it as being the holiest of all Aspects as well as the most powerful, a useful tool.

Foun does not enjoy harming his friends or allies, but has warned them several times that they should not be in his way and feels that it is their fault if they are harmed by him.

Foun is often slow to react to danger, this may be due to age, or overconfidence and arrogance.

Foun also does not believe that any creature deserves to be killed, but that a creature should die surrounded in the death of all that is around it, thus he, when singling out a creature has problem killing it, thus he uses many cone and splash spells to strike his enemies.

As a child, Foun saw much of the world since his father was a goron emissary. This gave Foun a lust for adventure and with several of his friends he began to explore the world, this is the period of time that Foun describes as his foolish youth, he was about 20. In his party, he had with him 3 other gorons, Droric, an old friend since they were born within weeks of each other, he was an artisan and was in charge of maintaining the equipment of the party, he is currently the owner of a general store in Goron city, Kently, a few years younger than Foun, he was an academic with a great intertest in the world outside of death mountain, he was often found taking notes and studiying animals and plants that were found as well as making maps, with him came his sister, Rubina, a warrior more valiant than any Foun has ever seen. After several weeks of Adventuring Foun and Rubina grew very close and would marry after two years of exploring the world. The party was however, not to last, they would adventure for seven years, never really seeking monsters to slay or treasures to hunt, but seeking knowledge, however, one day, while in the plains of Hyrule, the party was ambushed by a pack of moblins, all of whom would in the end die, either rendered in twain by Rubina’s Greatsword or burned clean by Foun’s holy flame, they did however manage to slay one party member, Rubina, who nearing the end of the battle took a moblin spear in the back and fell. The party then swore never to adventure as a group again, retiring from adventuring, Foun only returning to it when the Goron King exiled him from Goron City for his views on how to bring Peace, many of which come from his days of adventuring and the tragedy of Rubina, He has remained true to his vows to her and has remained celibate since her death, He visits her tomb annually on the anniversary of her death and remains by her side for the entire fall day.

Story of Foun’s Inability to aim: (Ganondorf makes a surprise appearance!) FOUN: Well I was about 8 years old at the time, and I was travelling around the world with my father, he was a diplomat, when we came to the lands of the gerudo. I had discovered my powers only a few years before, and was still unsure as to all I could do, or how to do it for that matter; you see, I had yet to be instructed in the proper use of the triforce’s power. But to continue, I had learned to make small dancing balls of light, much like candle lights, and I was pretty sure I could do it successfully so I showed my father and a blast of fire struck him in the face… it wasn’t a powerful blast honestly, but it did singe his eyebrows… My father therefore brought me to the archery range, the gerudo are fabulous archers, and made me attempt to hit the target. After several attempts, I had managed to hit the stable behind the target, the ground, several times, and a window of a person’s house which immediately shattered. When I finally did hit the target I was so excited I blasted again in quick succession, and I hit the gerudo prince as he happened to walk by behind the target square in the groin… suffices to say father was very displeased, as were the gerudo, but with some effort, my father managed to convince them it was an accident. That night, my father made me swear never to try anything that required direct, aimed fire, unless it was absolutely nessecary.

Friends and Contacts: The Party.

Droric, Goron aritisan and Friend, Shopkeeper.

Kently: Goron Academic and Brother in Law

Enemies: Various Goron Academics

The Goron King.

Various Goron Nobles

If ever Foun would encounter Moblins he will Kill first desecrate remains later. That is how strong his hatred for what they did to his wife is.


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