Great Deku Tree

Dead Guardian Spirit of the Kokiri


The Great Deku tree inspired our party of heroes to go from the forest, and to find the princess of Destiny, thus saving Hyrule from the forces of Evil.

Being a spiritual being of the Kokiri, the Great Deku tree bestowed many gifts to our heroes, but the person who walked away with more than anyone else would have to be Leaf, for he now carries the Kokiri Emerald and the Kokiri Sword; which are the two material treasures of the Kokiri culture and peoples. These items are more or less watched by Do-Dore, as he believes Leaf to be not as worthy as the other Kokiri in the forest to carry such treasures due to Leaf’s being a exile and proclaimed heretic of the Kokiri.

The Evil curse placed upon him by Ganandorf caused The Great Deku Tree to wither and die, even after having the evil creatures inside of him destroyed by the Heroes’ courage and power.

Great Deku Tree

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