Old Friend and Brother in Law to Foun.


A Normal Goron in every respect except that he has red eyes.

He’s an NPC that shouldn’t be envolved in any combat, why need the Crunch?

Note: If Ellardin really wants me to, I’ll roll him up.


Only two years younger than Foun, Kently was a member of the adventuring party in Foun’s Youth; he was also the brother to Rubina, the Goron woman that would become Foun’s wife. After her death, causing the adventuring party to fall apart, he returned to Goron City and resides as an academic with immense knowledge on the geography, creatures, cultures, nature, and politics of the world. He agrees with both Foun and Rubina that the world needs to change, however he feels it is better to do so through mass education, which causes some conflict between them, but he supports Foun before Darunia who believes they should do nothing and stay on Death Mountain.


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