Kokiri Performer ; Heretic and Exile of the Kokiri


“So, what would you like to know? I used to be from the kokiri forest, back then under the name of Mirefado, until Eternity died the first time. Through some poking around in the forest temple, I found out that I could reincarnate my fairy partner’s spirit into another body. So, I originally used a preserved dead body, and the rest of the kokiri had a bit of an issue with bringing back the dead, and so in short I was exiled.

From there, for a little bit I was on my own with Eternity. Shit sucks, but I got over it. After a length of time, I managed to impress the Ashwind Troupe, and me and Eternity joined up with them and traveled all over Hyrule. With my new life, I picked a new name. I admit it, not exactly any sort of cool, picking the brooch off my cloak at the time which was a crystal leaf and the Ashwind Troupe name.

When Navi came to pick us up for our current adventure, the troupe was thinking of moving on to Termina for a bit, at the request of the band “The Indi-Gos”, and were about to head on their way. Since their guide through the Kokiri forest was just taken, they had to take the long way around, and had to leave Kaylee behind since that involved travel over the desert.

Speaking of Kaylee, I’ve been asked about just who is in the troupe, and so here’s the list:
  • Duran: A hylain performer, and the leader of our troupe.
  • Jethro: another hylain performer, but he’s also an Academic, and he’s our financial expert.
  • Rio: She’s our token evil teammate, a Gerudo drifter, and she’s happily married to:
  • Kaylee: Zoran Performer/Wizrobe/Lawmaster. She’s in Zora’s domain, last I heard.
  • Schon: Our Goron artisan, and mentor to Eternity. Crafty guy. Rigged the big pot in the middle of Goron city to spin as a joke. Some people like it.
  • And Lacuna and Quinn, our sort of do-anythings, and security force. “


Main theme: Consequence Free – Great Big Sea

Battle theme: Wonderful Boy – Melty Blood Actress Again OST


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