Desert Apprentice Witch


Nafrini , first encountering the Party in Lon Lon Ranch Town , hit it off with Vurin almost immediately , she introduced herself and seemed quite mysterious . She was surrounded by her comrades who were all ‘replacing’ the waitresses of the Lon Lon Ranch Inn Tavern . Foun outside chased them away , seeing some of them going in through some second story windows . Nafrini then had to run with her Gerudo pals , but she said she one day awaited the Reunion between both her and Vurin .

Nafrini was then given another mission by her Gerudo Masters. To drain the magical energy of the Great Fairy of Magic of Din , and she was doing so , until Vurin and the group encountered her killing the Great Fairy . Nafrini then declared that if she was to fail , her Master’s would never let her become a full witch and she would most likely become a mind slave ! Nafrini was then talked down and reversed her dark enchantments , although Foun wanted to kill her ! Nafrini was then given over to the Great Fairy , who decided that Nafrini would have to be her indentured servant for protection from Ganondorf and her Gerudo Masters , Nafrini would also be taught Magic that would allow her to serve the Great Fairy of Magic of Din .


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