Fairy and Servant of the Kokiri


Being summoned by the Great Deku Tree herself , Navi was summoned to search far and wide , high and low for adventurers that would save all of Hyrule from the coming darkness . Navi answered the summons and proceeded to find the Adventurers that became known as Thor-axe, Dub , Foun , Do-Dore , Eternity , Leaf and Ori . These adventurers were given guidance by Navi , and were lead through the forest by her , although Leaf didn’t necessarily like that and killed her , a pointless death.

The Great Deku tree was told that she didn’t make it , but didn’t blame anyone in particular for the Death of the Fairy Navi .

However , after some time the Great Deku Tree must have resurrected her , because she travels with Semora and the Other Embassy members that came to Lon Lon Ranch to rest after much travel from Death Mountain . Navi herself was going in advance to Hyrule Castle to tell the King of their Impending Arrival .


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