Noble of the Forest House

Noble of the Forest House who aided the Party


This old women was encountered by Leaf when he snuck into the Castle under the Guise of being a Small Hylain Child . Leaf had stumbled upon the Forest Noble House and started going into Random Doors in desperate Search for the Princess Zelda . Leaf had awoken this Grandmotherly Silver Haired Noble , Who by chance Studied Kokiri and Recognized Leaf for what he Truly was , she was not as Stupid as some random Castle Guard !

She talked about Studying Him , after his audience with Princess Zelda . She was the one who arranged the Destined Meeting between both the Party and the Princess and Wanted to Study Leaf as a Kokiri , she had never really been lucky enough to encounter one , and finally all her years of Studying Allowed her a Kokiri to just fall into her lap !

Unfortunately , the Party went to the Fairy realm before she could get what she originally wanted , but she is sure that Princess Zelda will allow her , her time after she is done with the Party and their companion Leaf .

Noble of the Forest House

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