Terra Rod


Depending on the amount of MP spent, the device can have different effects.

1 MP: The Terra Rod heals 2d4+1 HP to the touched target.

3 MP: The Terra Rod fires a gob of acidic slime. This is a ranged attack with a range increment of 10 squares. If a foe is struck by the acid, it takes 2d4+2 acid damage immediately, and takes 2 acid damage each round for the next 10 rounds or until the acid is washed off.

4 MP: The Terra Rod produces acid from the headpiece. If the rod is touched to a target (an attack), the target takes 2d6+2 acid damage. The rod can also be swung like a club, acting as a light simple weapon that deals 1d4 bludgeoning damage. If the Terra rod is used in this fashion, it only adds 1d6+2 acid damage to the physical damage. The acid can also be used to cut through objects such as thin walls, padlocks, and metallic grates. One use of this ability causes the Terra Rod to produce acid for the next 15 rounds.

Market Price: 6000 rp


The end of this painted-wood-and-steel wand is set with a worn stone encrusted with vivid green lichen. It glistens with a moisture and is faintly slick to the touch.

The Terra Rod is a device designed to let even the untrained use Forest magic. Its cost places it out of the reach of most beginner adventurers, but after gaining a bit of experience, many who have wished for a way to cut through barriers or heal wounds more effectively will seek one out at the first opportunity. The Terra Rod may be used with a Standard action, as the wielder swings it towards a target and channels Latent MP into the headpiece. This action does not provoke an Attack of Opportunity.

Terra Rod

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