The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time

The Legend Continues

When the Party left Lon Lon Ranch after much distress , the Party finally made their way to Hyrule Castle Town , the Capital of Hyrule .There , Foun found out that sinister forces are beginning to come into play in the Kingdom , as he rescued a Women from some Serious Cabal .

Leaf Snuck into the Castle , Posing as some Noble Child for the Forest Noble House . He although tricking the Guards , was unable to trick everyone . He attempted to lie to a very old noble woman who knew he was a Kokiri Despite the fact that Eternity was not with him at the time . She explained that she would give Leaf the Audience with Princess Zelda he sought , as-long as he gave her some time to Study a Kokiri outside of the Forest .

Within the Castle , Zelda gave the Party another Quest , replacing the minor one that the Great Deku Tree had given them . Zelda had foreseen the Destruction of Hyrule , and King Ganondorf was behind it all . His Evil intentions would ruin everything just and good in the Kingdom and she entrusted the Party and herself with saving All of Hyrule from this Evil King . She Gave the Party the knowledge of the Creation of Hyrule – A secret Past down from the Royal Family-

Impa , Zelda’s Bodyguard and Nanny , gave the Party the Magical Royal Song also known as Zelda’s Lullaby so that they would have proof of who they were , their personal connection to the Royal Family . Impa gave them some Idea where to find the Spiritual Stone of Fire , which would be needed in the Saving of Hyrule . The Stone would be Found with the Gorons on Death Mountain . She also instructed The Party to go through the Faerie Realm , because Ganondorf and his Minions was possibly planning to murder any help the Princess Could Muster .

Traveling through the Faerie realm , they came upon a corrupted Faerie Fountain . With corrupted monsters and evil minions did they fight , to reach the Great Fairy , Chained and Supplicated under the Power of an Apprenticed Wizzrobe – Nafrini , who coincidentally Vurin met within Lon Lon Ranch and romanced . The Party reluctantly convinced Nafrini to give up her service to the Evil King Ganondorf , and into the Protection and Indentured servitude of the Great Fairy that was saved .

The Great Fairy , who was very pleased about being saved and not drained of all her magic , filled the request of each party member .

Eternity requested to be able to change into a hylain . Foun asked for more Power . Leaf asked for the Power and Magic of Fire . Vurin asked for the life of Nafrini to be saved . Ori and Do-Dore were pleased to be in the presence of the Great Fairy and Do-Dore asked the Great Fairy to take care of his Tree Pet , which Do-Dore knew he couldn’t drag all across Hyrule on his epic Quest to save all the Land .

The Great Fairy In return for these requests ,asked for several sacrifices in return , and also for the Party to travel to all the other Great Fairy Fountains and to make sure that Ganondorf was not trying to kill them off either .

The Great Fairy Also requested that the Portal Connecting Her Fountain with her Sister’s Fountain be destroyed . With this Request Fulfilled , the Party now finds themselves on Death Mountain . Death Mountain however , is suffering under some kind of Famine , propelled by the Vile Magics of Ganondorf who is determined to Control all of Hyrule and Destroy everyone blocking his chosen path . The Gorons lay dying and soon they shall all perish if nothing can be done with this widespread famine upon Death Mountain .

The Story So Far

After Getting the Kokiri Legendary Blade, negotiating With Mido and Saria, Leaf lost his Fairy Eternity due to the combat prowess of Several Feral Rats, and was forced to kill the Local Kokiri Girl, that inhabited the top of the Kokiri Store, so that he could obtain her Fairy and implant Eternity’s soul upon it. This caused Mido to go away from Saria and look for the ‘Evil’ that had attack the forest Children. Saria allowed the party to go to the Great Deku Tree just as surely as they had been summoned by the Great Deku Tree (By the Fairy Navi that was lost in battle, due to Leaf using anti-fairy dust on her and burning her alive.). The Path to the Great Deku Tree was opened to the party, the party has made it to the great Deku Tree only to be given the task of going inside and ridding him of some evil. Along the way, the Party Member Dub – A Goron Warrior that traveled from Death Mountain- revealed himself to be a pedophile and attempted to drag Do-Dore back to his ‘lair’, and thanks to the other party members Dub has now passed on. Within the Great Deku Tree, the party found that the Tree was under attack from not only Magickal Aberrations, but also the Deku Broken Stick Mercenary Clan of Southern Termina. This was revealed to Foun when a Poe of the Clan’s Shadow wizzrobe revealed that he could not pass on to the after-life due to the dark magic that had created the curse on the Great Deku Tree. Once the Curse was lifted by destroying the creature (Gohma) that was feasting upon the nutrients of the Great Deku Tree, The Tale of the Origins of Hyrule was told to the five heroes in hopes of saving Hyrule from the King of the Black Desert, who wished to take the Triforce for himself and rule over Hyrule. The Great Tree before passing instructed the five to travel across Hyrule, to Hyrule Castle and meet the Princess of Destiny in the hope of turning the tides of evil that are currently working against Hyrule.

On the way out of the Forest, the heroes came upon the small village of TreeFall, a small town that was built upon the providence of Jerimond, an old Wizzrobe that brought good luck upon the village and helped them with their crops and lives. The Orb had been stolen by Cole Jenkins, a poor farm boy that was planning to elope with Petra Perkins daughter of the former general store owner. Cole, by stealing the Orb, triggered a curse upon the town. Any man at night would turn into a horrible beast known as a mathron. Only the temple’s holy ground would protect them. The priest DuVall tried to help the town by bringing normalcy back to the town, but was widely untrusted. Our heroes managed to bring the Orb back to the town and stopped the curse. DuVall is now accepted by the town, and he provided not only a generous reward but also a guide for the party, so that they could hurry their way to the Capital of Hyrule – Hyrule Castle Town.

As the Heroes traveled the Royal Highway to Hyrule Castle, The first night of camping they were set upon by horrible skeleton abominations coming out of the ground. Each person, from Foun’s Magic Missiles to Leaf’s slashing and cutting proved worthy in battle, except for Ori who was as useless as ever. After the ordeal, Do-Dore was found near death but was quickly healed. Vurin and his old master appeared from the darkness after that, and wished a place to stay the night. We soon realized that we were heading in the same direction and the pair could travel with us. However Vurin’s Master left him in the early morning because he thought Vurin was ready to take on the world. The party safely made their way To Lon Lon Ranch, where it will be safe to re-supply and stock up. While in the Inn for the first time, the group has run into some interesting characters who are delayed from seeking a royal audience. Semora, an Elder from the Forest Temple; Two Royal Emissaries of the Goron Peoples, and Tally and Caulin who sent their fairies Navi and Tatl to go and investigate when it would be good to go back to the Castle to seek an Audience.

It also seems that Ganondorf, the King of the Black Desert, has made a trip to Death Mountain, and after that, all the nutritious rocks have turned to bad stones, and an ancient enemy has awakened. Ganondorf is currently residing within Hyrule Castle as both his people and the Hylains Celebrate the Ending of the Civil War that had ended almost ten years ago today.


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