Custom Spell Compendium

Do-Dore’s Custom Spell List :

Woodland Vitality (Forest Custom Spell) :

1D8/Caster Level (Maximum of 4d8) + 1/Caster Level (Maximum +5) 10 ft Radius Around the Caster . Requirement : Matierial Component must consist of something that Came From The Kokiri Forest seeing as the Spell’s Energies come from the Power of the Lost Woods and the Kokiri Forest itself .

The Protective Ward (Custom Spell):

The Protective Ward

The Wizzrobe is stricken from all sides by danger and their allies have very little chance to survive. Reaching out to all of the Aspects of Magic radiating from the Tri-Force ,

The Wizzrobe Embraces The Magic Within Himself and Creates a Blue Radiating Sigil Above himself and awaits further danger . Once the Danger Presents itself the Glowing Sigil Bursts to manifest the power it held . This Creates a Very Powerful Ward around the Caster. Darkness and Shadow creatures are Repelled from Crossing the Barrier that envelops around the caster, but within the barrier the caster and his allies are healed and bolstered with many different types of magic weaving itself around the people to help them in their time of great need .

Shadow Drain Dc : Fort Save dc 15 Spirit Calmness WILL save DC 15 Water Repel Will Save DC 15 Mp Cost : 1 Fire , 2 Forest , 2 Light , 2 Shadow , 2 Spirit , 2 Water, Any 2 Magic Points Range : 60 Foot radius around the Spell-Caster . Trigger : Dependent Upon Casting . Targets: See text . Caster Level: 3 upon Spell Creation ; Increases with Caster Levels as Normal .

1d4+1 Strength to any in the Area of Effect . 1 hour per caster level . (Caster Level 3)

Everyone in the area of effect is Healed 2d8 damage

Every creature within 60 foot radius is enabled to see through any kind of magical disguise, illusion, and any kind of darkness or light (but not through solid objects) for a distance of up to 40 ft for 1 minute per caster level.(Caster Level 3)

Each creature within 60 foot radius who fails a Fortitude ( Or A Willing Target) save loses 2d4 hp and you gain the total amount of mp lost by them in this way. A successful save means half the loss and half your gain.

Up to 4d4 HD-worth of creatures within 60 foot radius who fails a Will save is calmed and does not take any extreme, wild, or destructive action other than to defend itself from serious injury for 1 round per caster level.(Caster Level 3) Any aggressive action or serious injury against The creature ends this effect. This effect suppresses the effects of confuse and like spells.

Any Shadow Focus that is Hostile to Caster or Darkness Focus creature Within a 60 foot radius who, if applicable, fails a Will save is pushed by force in the shortest way out of the area’s boundaries. The force is not great enough to crush a subject against a wall, though they receive 2d6 damage by crossing the barrier (if forced, like above, or by making a successful will save). This effect lasts for 10 minutes per caster level.(Caster Level 3)

Foun’s Custom Spell List :

Endless Black

1 Shadow Point

Covers a twenty ft area around the caster in darkness


The Wizzrobe stares at his overly confident foes, they thought that they could defeat him! Impossible! HE was the most powerful creature in existence! They would learn of their mistake. He spots them in the distance, swords barred running for him. He calmly raises a hand and searing white light erupts from him engulfing the entire hill where his foes had once stood. All that remained were the barren Ashes of the men and the grass, indistinguishable from each other.

Effects 3 disintegrate, 1 cone, medium range [2].

Up to 3 enemies within must pass a Fortitude Save or else be disintegrated, if they do pass they take 3d6 damage.

Cost 3 Fire, 3 Any


The Wizzrobe stands defiant facing these overly powerful foes, how had they manage to survive his most powerful spells? His enemies noticed his fatigue, he was unprepared to dispatch them with his spells; they moved in for the kill. With a quick grin the Wizzrobe looked up and raised his hands a surge of dark energy came forth at his enemies tearing into their very souls. A dark web formed, threads emerging from the soldiers chests and attaching them to the wizzrobe interwoven leading into him they fed him more power than he had ever thought he could hold. Many of these now connected men died but those that came forth still were the unlucky ones; they would have to face the full might of a powerful Wizzrobe!

Casting Time: Standard Action

Magic Cost 2 points Shadow 2 Universal

Range 25 ft cone

All enemies that fail a fortitude save must take 2d4 hp damage which are given to the Wizzrobe as mp

Ultimate Buff

A spell which turns the caster into a toweringly powerful character, however, he becomes slower than anyone else in existence.

Shadow Effects: Shift -4d8Dex +4d8Con if you fail a fortitude save. 4 points

Fire Effects: Body +3d4+3 Con, +1d4+1 Str. 4 Points

Spirit Points: Mind +1d4+1 Wis, +2d4+2 Cha, +1d4+1 Int. 4 Points

Range: Touch/Self

Ori’s Custom Spells :

Hint : Awnsers a yes or no question Verbal Component One Light Magic Point

Hands of the Past : Ori when touching an Object can instantly know 2 properties of a magickal item . If the item has less than two properties than the spell may tell Ori , who made the object , why the object was made , how it was made ect . and vice versa . Verbal Component Two Light Magic Points to cast .

Custom Spell Compendium

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