House Rules

Armor Class: We are using the normal D&D 3.5 version of armor not Zelda d20.

Feats: You are allowed any Feat from Core PHB 3.5, and Zelda D20. You are also allowed any feat Published for D&D 3.5, But you have to run it by me and await approval.

Ability Score Increases: We are using the 4th Edition Ability Score Increases Instead of 3.5 to Balance out the ‘Defence’ Bonuses that the monsters will recieve not to mention the creators of the Zelda D20 Made all Boss Npc’s Very ‘High Powered’, well when played properly that is.

Classes and PRC (And Races): Only those found within the Zelda D20 Player’s Handbook.

Items and Magic Items: Don’t worry, you will be blowing things up with Bombchus, teleporting and using Magic Swords and Artillery Items and Magic stuff just like in the Zelda Games, on one condition: You have to Adventure for them! If you don’t seek out adventure, NO MAGIC ITEMS FOR YOU!

Base Attack Bonus: Treat as normal 3.5, Every +6 to BAB you get you gain an extra attack.

Fairies: Do not get their racial Skills modifiers exept to hide.

For you that don’t know, Bonus Magic Points are added to your over-all magic points. For Example: A level 1 wizzrobe has 1 bonus magic point. That magic point is placed within the pool of magic that it is ascribed to, at level two the wizzrobe will recieve another +1 Bonus Magic point. Follow the Chart on Page 82 of the Zelda d20 handbook. Bonus Magic Points are given as a +x number to the Pool of Magic that they belong to. The Wizzrobe can then ascribe his Magic Points gained at each level to any pool of magic he has access to.

House Rules

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