Magic Item Records and referencing

Bracelet of Persuasion :

Given Freely by a Zora Court Performer , any who wear the Bracelet feel it easier to converse , perform and manipulate others with their looks , leadership and internal charm.

The Wearer of the Bracelet gets a +3 to all charisma skill checks .

Terra Rod :

The end of this painted-wood-and-steel wand is set with a worn stone encrusted with vivid green lichen. It glistens with a moisture and is faintly slick to the touch.

The Terra Rod is a device designed to let even the untrained use Forest magic. Its cost places it out of the reach of most beginner adventurers, but after gaining a bit of experience, many who have wished for a way to cut through barriers or heal wounds more effectively will seek one out at the first opportunity. The Terra Rod may be used with a Standard action, as the wielder swings it towards a target and channels Latent MP into the headpiece. This action does not provoke an Attack of Opportunity.

Depending on the amount of MP spent, the device can have different effects.

1 MP: The Terra Rod heals 2d4+1 HP to the touched target.

3 MP: The Terra Rod fires a gob of acidic slime. This is a ranged attack with a range increment of 10 squares. If a foe is struck by the acid, it takes 2d4+2 acid damage immediately, and takes 2 acid damage each round for the next 10 rounds or until the acid is washed off.

4 MP: The Terra Rod produces acid from the headpiece. If the rod is touched to a target (an attack), the target takes 2d6+2 acid damage. The rod can also be swung like a club, acting as a light simple weapon that deals 1d4 bludgeoning damage. If the Terra rod is used in this fashion, it only adds 1d6+2 acid damage to the physical damage. The acid can also be used to cut through objects such as thin walls, padlocks, and metallic grates. One use of this ability causes the Terra Rod to produce acid for the next 15 rounds.

Market Price: 6000 rp

Pendant of Power :

This Pendant is red and black , and marked with the Symbol of the Tri-Force of Power .Carried by the Great Fairy of Magic of Din , who lived near the Hyrule Royal Castle , gave this item to her Saviors and chosen champions .

It grants the wearer +1 Damage per dice on all attacks , and all threats are automatically critical hits . (Since we Play with all Critical Threats are Critical Hits, The Damage of a Critical has the Strength Modifier to Damage Tripled.)

Small Triforce shaped Trinket :

The Byproduct of Destroying a Portal into a Fairy Fountain , the Properties of this Item remain Unknown .

DuVall’s Spell Component Pouch :

Given by the Mysterious Priest in Tree-Fall , This Pouch is useful to any Wizzrobe

A Wizzrobe can pull out any necessary material components he needs , given they are not unique or impossibly rare to find .

Vurin’s Sword :

The Sword you picked up obviously had some visual prettiness but there are other things as well .The Sword When Unsheathed will Transform into Blue Flames .

“You are now my Holder , You will , do my will in the Mortal World , Youngling” You hear in your head , a disembodied voice that sounds like the screeching of a dying man , but twisted by a maelevolent force .

“You can not carry any other weapon but me ! For I cleanse all that is Impure ! "

“Here I will instruct you in my Uses”

You can use this Sword to Deal Damage to Undead , and people of the Darkness Alignment . If you Sacrifice 2d6 hit points you are able to inflict 5d4 damage upon them on a successful hit (You must sacrifice the hit points before you know the hit is successful)

Detect Evil : You can at will detect Evil if you really want to cast the spell of the same name , The Sword does it for you .

Cursed Item : You can not Let go of the Sword or carry any other weapon . You don’t always need to equip the Sword but it must always remain on your body AT ALL TIMES . The Only way to get the cursed Lifted is to either get a excorsism or Cast Remove Curse on you by a Goron Priest of Naryu that is of at-least 10th Level .

Cursed Item : The Spirit of a Dead Goron Paladin is within the Sword , He will talk to you in your Head from time to time .

Foun’s Staff :

When You Grab the Staff it immediately becomes clear and see through , a small back lash of blue light magic charms throughout your small facinity for just a second and then it is gone , not to be seen again . You hear something within your Mind , not something harmful but something of peace and love “Use this Wisely Love , it holds great responsibility within it , Only you for the rest of your life will be able to use the staff’s magic , any other will fail to activate them .”

Powers of the Staff : Aura of Evil Banishing : When Activated by stamping the end of the staff on the ground , any Darkness Aligned people in a 10 ft radius around the caster will be hurt for 1d6 damage for three consecutive round . Use able 3/day

Detect Evil : The person holding the staff can use the spell of the same name at will when you want to . But it will cost you 1 magic point for activation (Magic point can come from any pool)

Spells of Evil: Any Darkness Aligned Wizzrobe within a 20 ft radius will be affected by this power . They however do receive a ( DC 25) Will check to stop the effect . Any failure means that you receive knowledge of Three of the Caster’s Spells that they are likely to cast during the subsequent three rounds , however this would happen at random . Activation Costs Four Non-Descript Magic Pints .

Goron’s Bracelet
- +3 to Strength
- With the Massive Strength bonus that Darunia has bestowed upon you with this Bracelet, You are now able to lift and use objects that are one size category larger than you are.

Magic Item Records and referencing

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