Active Quests

  1. Obtain the Goron’s Ruby (Spiritual Stone of Fire)
  2. Visit Each of the Great Fairy Fountains

Complete Quests

  1. Went to the Deku Tree’s Summons
  2. Obtained the Kokiri Emerald
  3. Met the Princess of Destiny
  4. Escaped the Castle(Saved the Great Fairy of Magic of Din)
  5. Helped the Village outside of the Forest TreeFall and Cleared DuVall’s Name
  6. Saved the Great Fairy of Magic of Din
  7. Gain an Audience with the Goron King Darunia

Main Quests

  1. Obtain the Spiritual Stone of Fire

Side Quests

  1. Visit each of the Great Fairy Fountains

Goals and Personal Quests

  • Obtain the Triforce of Power , alongside the other Pieces to Destroy the Entire world in a blaze of Flame , to re-make it into a Utopian Realm (Little to No Knowledge of this is known to the Characters IC)
  • To Use powerful Magic and Ethical Values to get Leaf to repent his Sinful and heretical Ways , Do-Dore has come up with several theories on how to do this , but most if not all of them require All the elements being used in concert to either stabilize or seperate energies of the Triforce from Leaf , to balance him out .
  • To Become an Arcanist
  • To become an Illuminator
  • To Become a Mad Scientist (FOR SCIENCE!)
  • To Become a War Dancer of Din


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