The People of Hyrule

This is not a list of characters within the game , please refer to the character tab .

The Kokiri :

The Kokiri live in the Reclusive Kokiri Forest , a Sanctuary Portion of the Dangerous Lost Woods , which insdiscrimently kills those that enter it at random . The Kokiri are Ageless and Immoral Children that inhabit this forest place of Hyrule . They do not venture out of the Forest for fear of death . Their Wizzrobes study at the Forest Temple and learn the ways of healing , forest and spirit magic . The Kokiri Currently are lead by the kind Saria and Arrogant Mido . The numbers of the Kokiri are unknown but there seem to be plenty in the forest lands .

The Zora : Currently , all we know is that they are fish people .

The Hylains : The Hylain are common place , and the ruling race of all of Hyrule , despite having many other Royal families and kingdoms underneith the Banner of Hyrule .

The Gerudo : A mysterious Race of Females that hail Allegence to their King Ganondorf !

The Gorons : The Gorons are a Proud peoples that live on the top of Death Mountain , they seem to be the most technologically advanced , with large smelting lines and the use of liquid rock in their forges .

The Domesticated Fairies :

Fairies like Ori , often comment on how their Wild Cousins are non-civilized , creating an elitist attitude amoungst the Domesticated/Wild Fairies .

The Wild Fairies :

The Great Fairy Folk : The Great Fairies seem like teenage girls , with their giggling , and laighing about in their fountains . They are all realated or the equal , and Refer to themselves as “Sisters” .

The People of Hyrule

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